Wine Women & Shoes

Wine Women & Shoes Cryo Studio Sarasota is happy to be part of the 2019 Wine Women & Shoes event benefiting Forty Carrots Family Center and their mission to provide children with good beginnings that last a lifetime through is Parenting Education, Mental Health Services, Early Childhood Education and other community partnerships. For more about […]

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting Intermittent Fasting is trending right now but it’s not without merit. There are a variety of ways to go about it depending on your objectives and threshold for pain lol. Here is a simple example that works for some of our clients whom have tired it: They skip breakfast each day and eat […]

Aftercare Instructions

Aftercare Instructions Avoid sugars for a minimum of 2 hours after your CryoSlimming session. Sugar in this context includes carbohydrates, natural sugars (fruits, alcohol, etc.), and refined sugars. Drink a minimum of 1.5L of water per day for 14 days following a CryoSlimming session. Follow a balanced lifestyle, with a healthy diet and exercise routine […]

Sarasota Polo

Sarasota Polo It’s Sarasota Polo Season! Cryo Studio Sarasota is happy to be part of Sarasota Polo for the 2020 season. We’ll be on site to answer any of your questions, raffle off some free sessions and have some great giveaways on: December 15 January 12 February 9 March 8 March 29 April 15  2020 […]

Presso Massage

Presso Massage Get Better Results with Presso Massage We use compression therapy to aid the lymphatic system to process the fat cells lost at your treatments. This treatment can significantly improve the speed of your results. In addition to lymphatic drainage, compression therapy is also effective with: •  Cellulite treatments •  Muscle recovery and regeneration […]

Headache relief with Cryoskin

Headache relief with Cryoskin Did you know Cryoskin is a drug-free way to treat your headaches and migraines? It cools and numbs nerves in the neck area, significantly reducing your pain. Studies have found that applying a neck wrap containing two frozen ice packs to the carotid arteries in the neck significantly reduced migraine pain […]

Discover Presso Massage

Discover Presso Massage What is this treatment and how can it help you achieve better results for a slimmer, more tone you? Presso Massage from Cryo Studio Sarasota is also known as Pressotherapy, lymphatic drainage therapy or lymphatic drainage massage. It stimulates your lymphatic system by compressing and decompressing a  specific part of your body, helping you […]

January 2020 Savings

January 2020 Savings Save BIG with our value packages We recently participated in the New Year New You 2020 event at UTC and offered two slimming or toning packages that were very well received, so well in fact that we are extending this offer until January 31st. Value Package 1 5 Pack Slimming/Toning + one […]

New Year New You 2020

New Year New You 2020 Great event today at The Mall at UTC. Come on out see us and all other 60 vendors who are here to educate and inspire you to become even better! 2020 is here set your goals and crush them this year! Our set up is right next to Macy’s. Our […]