In 2018, our founders Alberto and Kristi established Cryo Studio with the primary goal of helping their existing clients in the health and wellness space achieve their health and body goals. They quickly realized that their innovative approach could benefit far more people than initially anticipated. Alberto began developing specialized protocols and combining various non-invasive technologies to accelerate the improvement process for their clients.

By 2019, Cryoskin’s distributor recognized the potential of Cryo Studio and offered it the opportunity to become a training facility for technicians. This role allowed Cryo Studio to teach all the theory and treatments available with Cryoskin. This opportunity, along with the influx of new clients, enabled Cryo Studio to gain extensive industry knowledge and perform over 10,000 treatments to date. The studio successfully trained over 1,000 technicians, establishing itself as a leader in the field. Being a training facility provided Cryo Studio with unparalleled data and experience, setting it apart from other facilities.

As Cryo Studio continued to grow, we transitioned from being a training facility for external technicians to focusing exclusively on training our own staff. This shift allows us to maintain our high standards of service and expertise. With four locations now, our rigorous staff training ensures that our team can educate, motivate, and perform treatments on clients effectively, helping them achieve their body and skin goals. The ultimate aim is to boost clients’ confidence and overall well-being.

Cryo Studio is dedicated to continual improvement, optimization, and expansion, with the vision of helping even more people reach their health and body goals. We strive to provide exceptional service and innovative treatments, ensuring every client feels better both inside and out.