Your Total Body Solution

New Protocols for maximum results!

Cryo Studio Sarasota offers innovative treatment protocols designed to move you to your desired body quickly and efficiently without downtime or surgery. Unlike many centers we use a variety of tools to deliver maximum results based on your current body, desired goal and budget. Our process includes:

Choose your target zone for your slimming or toning you would like to prioritize. Our most popular zones for slimming include abdomen, glutes and legs.

Next we analyze your target zone, this often includes our Thermographic Imaging to determine the type of fat deposits and tissue density you have to determine what treatments would work best based on your body type and lifestyle.

We recommend a protocol options of individual treatments or a combination laid out over a specific period of time based on your goals, schedule and budget. This can be as short as 3 to 5 sessions over a 30 day period or a more comprehensive combination over several months.

You’ll be surprised at your transformation. Even after a single session many of our clients notice results. Of course, our treatments work best with a combination of a healthy lifestyle that includes a sensible diet, exercise and good hydration.

Our comprehensive plans are as individual as you are. Choose a plan that matches your overall goal, schedule and budget. Treatment sessions can be purchased individually so there are no long term commitments or as a package for tremendous savings. Popular plans include:


$3,300 ($4,200 value) Save $900

6 Slimming Treatments $1800 ($2100 Value)

6 TEC Treatments $1200 ($1650 Value)

3 Lymphatic Drainage $300 ($450 Value)


$3,700 ($5,450 value) Save $1,750

6 Slimming Treatments $1800 ($2100 Value)

10 TEC Treatments $1500 ($2,7500 Value)

4 Lymphatic Drainage $400 ($600 Value)


$5,000 ($7,000 value) Save $2,000

10 Slimming Treatments $2,500 ($3,500 Value)

10 TEC Treatments $1500 ($2,750 Value)

5 Lymphatic Drainage $500 ($750 Value)

All Packages Include:

  • Free Thermographic Imaging for Fat or Cellulite Analysis and tracking ($150 value)
  • Free Body composition analysis, fat percentage analysis by limp, muscle quality analysis, BMI, BMR, Visceral Fat and
  • Metabolic age calculation ($200 value)
  • Discounted Add-On Treatments during your scheduled package session including facial toning for $125 (Reg. $200).

Individual treatments are designed to focus on more targeted area or as a component of a more comprehensive wellness program. Please visit our services page for options and pricing.

To learn more or to schedule a complementary assessment call or text 941-241-7358.