Presso Massage

Get Better Results with Presso Massage

We use compression therapy to aid the lymphatic system to process the fat cells lost at your treatments. This treatment can significantly improve the speed of your results. In addition to lymphatic drainage, compression therapy is also effective with:

•  Cellulite treatments

•  Muscle recovery and regeneration for athletes

• Detox and circulation disorders

•  Relieved muscle and joint pain

•  Accelerate healing time after injury or post surgery

• Body conturing

Our clients notice improvements in their circumference and level of well-being after their first treatment Presso Massage treatment because lymphatic drainage has so many benefits to our bodies. You’ll look and feel great!

We pride ourselves in our effective and proven protocols that perfectly complement and enhance many procedures we offer, improving and speeding up your overall results.

Come in for your FREE CONSULTATION and learn more about this exciting new therapy to keep you looking and feeling your best.

$90/session (30 min). Discounts apply when in conjunction with other therapies.