Food Journal

One of the best tips that coach Kristi from @sarasotatennisandfitness gave us a while back was about the importance of a food journal. Especially if you want to make changes on your body. Making changes does not necessarily mean that you need to lose weight. We all have different goals, some of us want to gain lean muscle or get toned for a fitness contest, some others want to lose weight etc. The problem is, that we always think we eat “healthier” than we actually do. At the studio, over 95% of clients tell us that they “eat healthy” some tell us that they are “vegan” or “vegetarian” but the issue with that is that you can still eat the wrong combination of foods within any lifestyle diet, especially foods loaded with sugar and or carbs, or too many fatty foods. If you really want to make a change in your body, independently from what your goal is, you have to actually track everything you put in your mouth, food, drinks, snacks, carbs, sugars, etc. Yes of course it’s lots of work, but it’s actually not as bad as you think. There are several apps out there that make it really easy, our favorites are carb manager and my fitness pal.

We also love using a simple notebook that can track your food intake, water intake, emotions, etc. Here is a link to the journal we like to use, it is very helpful because you can see each day at a glance.

After only a couple of weeks of tracking your intake, you will be able to see your food habits and you will see your patterns, and that is exactly what will help you because now that you know what you are eating you can start tweaking and changing the foods that are not helping you achieve your goals. At this point you can also start using your macros (macro nutrients) to get even better. You can read about Macros in our Macros blog.

Ok all for now, hope this helps you on your journey to a better you.

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