Cryoskin vs Other cold treatments with suction

A common question we get here at Cryo Studio Sarasota, is “How is Cryoskin different from Other fat freezing methods?” Several treatments use a “fat-freezing” method to destroy fat cells. The main differences are: how the treatment is applied to your body, the price and the comfort level of the client.

Devices that have applicators that look similar to the nozzle of a vacuum cleaner are applied to the targeted area, administer suction and cooling. This process can take 1-3 hours and can be very painful, often causing feelings of pulling and pinching during the treatment. Some of the side effects include, redness, bruising, sensitive skin, stretched skin, numbness, and skin deformation. This treatment produces something called “ the butter stick” (that is what is pictured in our comparison photo). Results can be visible and measurable in 3-4 months, requiring multiple sessions to achieve this.

Cryoskin uses a manual applicator or 4 Static heads, the 4 static heads of the Cryoskin 4.0 are placed with an elastic band on the area with the most concentration of fat. Once in place, the cold treatment lasts 40 minutes or 50 minutes. A water-based get is applied to the skin where the static heads will be placed, this gel is very special as it acts as a conductor of the cold and is safe on the skin. Two electrodes are placed on the candidates’ calf, these two electrodes stimulate lymphatic drainage during treatment.

With Cryoskin you can perform treatments every 14 days, the treatments are very effective and more customizable, and it’s important to note that it costs at least 50% less than other fat freezing methods. The device uses a wand that glides over the targeted areas and is quick, painless and offers measurable results after just one treatment. Treatments take anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes.

The Cryoskin machine not only performs fat reduction but does toning and skin tightening including facials as well.