30,000 Crunches in 30 Minutes

Our newest treatment has finally arrived! TEC (Targeted Electromagnetic Contraction). If you want a more perky booty, toned legs or get your core stronger, this treatment is for you. During a 30 minute session you will receive 30,000 contractions! Thats right 30,000 squats, or 30,000 crunches. This treatment is the perfect complement to our Slimming treatments that target stubborn fat.

TEC treatments continuously expand and contract your targeted muscles to trigger both muscle growth and a fat decomposition at the same time. Fatty acids are broken down from triglycerides and accumulated in fat cells. When the concentrations of fatty acids are too high it causes the fat cells to apoptosis (die off), which is then expelled by the body’s normal metabolism in a few weeks (or expedited with our Presso Massage treatments).

Lower abdomen TEC treatments are simply amazing! If you had babies, this is a must treatment to build up that core strength, tighten up the abs and help you burn that baby fat off quickly! If you are currently targeting your abdomen, thighs or glutes through your regular exercise routine this is a supplement for targeted training very quickly. Its like HIIT training without the gym!

Come in and experience these great new therapies at Cryo Studio Sarasota. You have nothing to lose except the fat and everything to gain including new muscle!

Want to make your Slimming or TEC treatment even more effective?

Our Presso Therapy Treatment accelerates the way your body disposes of the cellular debris and body toxins that occur during our TEC or Slimming Treatments and will make your treatments that much more effective. In addition, Presso Massage is an excellent stand alone treatment for recovery if you are an active athlete in a variety of sports or training endeavors. If you are not performing your best, feel sluggish or are having a difficult time recovering, Presso Massage may be what your body is missing.